About Us

About Us



The Breakfast Club of Nashville is an association to support the business and service of its members by providing them information of common interest, using each other’s services or products, and recommending member services or products to those outside the club.



BCON meets on Thursday mornings virtually during this historic time from 7:30a.m. to 8:30a.m.


History of BCON

The Breakfast Club of Nashville (BCON) originated at a luncheon in the winter of 2004.  A few women decided to create a networking group for professional women. The new group began meeting in 2005.

In the early days, the club sometimes had as few as 20 members at a weekly meeting. Gradually membership grew; today 30–35 members attend each week.  

The first Thursday of the month is reserved for members only. On other Thursday mornings, a guest speaker presents the post-breakfast program. Speaker topics range widely in recognition of the interests of our membership.

Two Thursdays each year are reserved for a special breakfast. The first Thursday in May is our Mother’s Day Breakfast, to which members bring their mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, or other women who are important to them. The first Thursday in December is our Holiday Breakfast, with live music and seasonal decorations.

In 2015, BCON celebrated our 10th anniversary. In our first decade, we’ve celebrated marriages and births; new careers and jobs; and life transitions. The more emotional transitions include divorce and supporting members as they adjusted to the loss of spouses, parents, or family members.  

BCON is successful because we focus on issues of common interest to women. We continue to strengthen our membership by welcoming new members.