Building Better Business (B3)

Building Better Business (B3)


What is B3?

Building Better Business (B3) is an offshoot of the Breakfast Club of Nashville (BCON).   It is a forum for confidential discussions of business challenges and some personal challenges.


History of B3

As the economy worsened in 2008, a group of about twenty members of BCON met to discuss their concerns about job losses and fewer career options. From that initial meeting in October 2008, the group evolved into B3 which started with twin goals of (1) making its members more valuable to their employers and (2) helping members transition into new careers.

Early meetings revolved around administrative details. First, the group used two or three sessions to reach a consensus on the group’s name. Then they had a series of meetings in which each member explained why she joined the group, the current status of her career, and her career expectations.  

After that, the group held a series of planning meetings to create a list of topics to be discussed and the priority of each topic for the group.  Since 2008, the group has completed several lists of topics, ranging from the challenges of running a small business to negotiating pay raises and fee increases to expanding their employer’s lines of business.

B3 has also invited guest speakers on topics as diverse as cyber security, sales (learning how to close the deal), monetizing a blog, and how to better use social media in business. B3 has taken several field trips to local businesses and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center to gather information on topics under discussion.

Since 2008, B3 has transitioned into new roles.  It is an:

  • Incubator for women-owned businesses: 7 of 15 members have started new businesses.
  • Entrepreneur resource center: The group acts as an advisory board for each member’s business.    


How Does B3 work?

The B3 group meets Friday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30a.m.  The meeting place varies but is usually at the office of Jana Lisle-Parham.  

The group has a schedule of topics to keep the discussion on task, but remains flexible. Scheduled topics can be postponed if a member has a critical issue and needs advice or assistance immediately.  

Each member takes a turn as the scribe summarizing the discussion so that the group can track the topics discussed and update members who miss a meeting.


Who May Join B3?

Any active member of BCON may join B3.  
If you would like more information about B3, please contact Norma Shirk at