Board Members

Board Members

Current Officers

President: Jenny Smith
VP-Membership: Melissa Smithson
Secretary: Amanda Reinbold
Treasurer: Lynne Wilkinson
Social Co-chairs: Denise Martin/Susan Rodriguez
Program Chair/Newsletter: Julia Baker
Past President: Julia Baker
Past Past President: Barbara Tyler


The BCON Board consists of the following officers:

President: Facilitates weekly meetings and presides at the monthly board meetings.

Vice President of Membership: Processes membership applications and monitors weekly attendance. Automatically rolls up to president the following year.

Treasurer: Invoices and collects dues and pays any debts incurred by BCON.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor: Records minutes at the monthly board meetings and coordinates the content and publication of the monthly newsletter.

Program Chair: Coordinates the calendar of guest speakers.

Social Chair: Coordinates social events for members. A sample of events includes member­-hosted dinners, Cheekwood picnics, theater outings, and Frist Visual Arts trips.

Past President: Your reward for two years of hard work.

Past Past President: Biding your time for one more year until you roll off the board.

President Emeritus: A non­voting member of the board.