BCON meets on Thursday mornings virtually from 7:30AM-8:30AM.


Current Officers

President: Jenny Smith
VP-Membership: Melissa Smithson
Secretary: Amanda Reinbold
Treasurer: Lynne Wilkinson
Social Co-chairs: Denise Martin/Susan Rodriguez
Program Chair/Newsletter: Julia Baker
Past President: Julia Baker
Past Past President: Barbara Tyler


Membership Qualifications

BCON membership is open to any professional woman who which there is an open seat. BCON allows only one person per profession in order to enhance the networking opportunities of our members.

Occasionally a prospective member’s product or service overlaps with an existing member’s.  In these cases, the prospective member and her sponsor are encouraged to consult with the conflicted member to try to find a compromise.  For example, BCON had two CPAs in the club, one of whom emphasized her work with small businesses, while the other emphasized her firm’s work with large businesses.