Prospective Members

BCON is always happy to welcome guests who may be interested in joining the group. However, before inviting a prospective member, please review the membership requirements below to avoid misunderstandings.

BCON membership is open to any professional woman for which there is an open seat. BCON allows only one person per profession in order to enhance the networking opportunities of our members.

Occasionally a prospective member’s product or service overlaps with an existing member’s.  In these cases, the prospective member and her sponsor are encouraged to consult with the conflicted member to try to find a compromise.  For example, BCON had two CPAs in the club, one of whom emphasized her work with small businesses, while the other emphasized her firm’s work with large businesses.

Application Process

A prospective member must attend two (2) breakfast meetings as the guest of a member before applying for membership. The prospective member is then submitted for review and approval by current members.

After approval, the new member is responsible for paying dues, attending meetings, and ensuring her directory profile is up to date.


Dues are $135 per quarter and are invoiced quarterly. Members have the option of paying in January for the entire year rather than receiving quarterly invoices.

Meeting times

BCON meets every Thursday morning, virtually at this time, 7:00-8:30AM.


Members are expected to attend at least half the meetings each quarter. The reasoning behind this rule is two-fold: (1) BCON is a social and networking club, and if you’re not at meetings you can’t socialize or network; and (2) with the limitation of one woman per profession, each member takes up a “slot” that could be filled by someone more active and willing to be available to the club.

Of course, the Board recognizes that people get sick, go on vacation, or have extraordinarily busy lives. So the Board adopted a “sabbatical” policy allowing members to request Board permission to take a quarter off from BCON. If you have questions about this policy, please contact a board member.

Inclement weather

Our policy for when meeting together in person, if Davidson County (Nashville Public) schools are closed, we don’t meet.  If Davidson County opens late (which hasn’t happened in 10 years), we will meet.